Madeira Sewing Accessories Starter Pack Deluxe

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Starter Pack Deluxe - A colossal sized selection of quality stabilizer, needles, bobbins, color cards, storage bins, accessories and Madeira thread samples.

Welcome Packet 
E-Zee Cut® Hefty 2.0 oz. White Stabilizer 23-8.8 250 sheets 
E-Zee Cut® Hefty 2.0 oz. Black Stabilizer 23-8.8B 250 sheets 
E-Zee Weblon No Show 1.5 oz. Stabilizer 20-8.8 250 sheets 
E-Zee Tear® Plus-Crisp 1.8 oz. Stabilizer 18-8.8 250 sheets 
E-Zee Aqua® Supreme 20 mic. Stabilizer 101-5.5 250 sheets 
E-Zee Cap® Just Right 2.5 oz. Stabilizer 99-4.7 250 sheets 
Madeira #75/11 Ballpoint Needles 102-75-B 100 needles 
Madeira #75/11 Sharp Needles 102-75-S 100 needles 
Madeira Paper Sided L Style Bobbins 308-503 144 bobbins 
Madeira Classic Rayon Color Card 100-430 
Madeira Polyneon Color Card 100-83 
Plastic Storage Bin 29696 
Madeira Thread Clips 9475N 
Madeira Seam Ripper 9474 
Bent Tweezers 957-6 
Needle Nose Pen Oiler 2-15 
Precision Screw Driver Set 124-8 
Madeira 6” Ruler 105-6 
Dressmakers Shears 139-1860-2 
Lint Buster Lint Rollers 122-3 
Madeira Frosted Matt #40 Sample 
Madeira FS Metallic #40 Sample 
Madeira Classic Rayon #60 Sample 
Madeira Supertwist #30 Sample 
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