Juki 7 Hole Cording Foot for HZL models in packaging

Juki 7 Hole Cording Foot For HZL-DX, HZL-F, HZL-G, HZL-NX Series Machines

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7 hole cording foot for HZL Series Machines. With this presser foot, you can enjoy sewing of 3-dimensional decorative stitches using thin cords or embroidery threads (up to seven cords / threads) together. This presser foot is provided with seven cord insertion holes of approximately 1 mm in diameter. As many as seven (1 to 7) thin cord(s) or embroidery thread(s) can be sewn using these holes while neatly arranging them in parallel (in the case of two or more cords / threads are used).

Use with the following Juki models:

  • DX-2000QVP
  • DX-1500QVP
  • HZL-DX7
  • HZL-DX5
  • HZL-F600
  • HZL-F400
  • HZL-F300
  • HZL-G220
  • HZL-G120
  • HZL-G210
  • HZL-G110

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