Janome Top Load Applique Foot

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  • Janome Top Load Applique Foot
  • Janome Top Load Applique Foot


Janome Top Load Applique Foot

A longtime favorite among sewist, this foot is incredibly useful and easy to use! In addition to the extra visibility of this clear foot, there are additional features that make this foot wonderfully convenient. The applique foot is much shorter than other feet for easy use and cornering. Unique underside is flat around the needle hole for optimum thread tension, but opens wide behind the needle to let the stitching and fabric edges pass through unobstructed for even the tightest curves and angles.

Use with Janome models: MC11000 Special Edition, MC11000, MC10001, MC1000, MC9700, MC9500, MC9000, MC8100, MC8000, MC5700, MC5000, 2040, CE2200, HF3022, ML3023, ME4018, 4045LX, 4045NX, 4119(Quilter's delight), ME4123, 4618LE, 4623LE, 6019QC, 6125QC, 6260QC, 4048, 8048, 8080, DC2007LE, DC3018, DC3050, DE5018, DE5024, DE5124, DS3500, HD-3000, HF3000, HF4045LX, HF5024, HF8077, Harmony 4052LX, 7061NX, 7330, HT2008, JP720, JP760, MC2400, MC3000, MC3500,MC4000, MC4400, MC4800, MC4800QC, MC4900QC, MC5001, MC5002, MC5500, MC6000, MC6300P, MC6500P, MC7000, MC7500, Sew Precise, MO200, DC1050, DC2010, DC2011, DC4030, DC5100, MC5200, AQS2009, 3160QDC, 2160QDC, JHN1860, HF8050, DX502, 509, 521, 525S, 625E, 652, 653, 659, 660-Jem Gold, 661-Jem Gold 2, 662-Jem Silver, 712T, 7318, 808, 808A, ME4014, S-3015, MS-3015, MS-5027, S-3023, NH2014, S-650, S-750, S-950,SD2014, S2015, DX2015, SS2015, SW2018E, DX2022, DX2030, SL2022, SR2000, SR2100, MyStyle100, 665-Jem Gold III, 661G-Jem Gold Plus, Sewist 500, HF5812, MC6600P, MC7700QCP and many more.

Use with Elna Models: 2600, 2800, 3003, 3005, 3007, 320 eXplore, 3210, 3230, 340 eXplore, 5100, 5200, 520 eXperience, 5300, 540 eXperience, 6001, 6003, 6003Q, 6004, 6005 Heirloom, 6200, 620 eXperience, 6200, 660 eXperience, 6600, 720 eXcellence, 7200 PRO, 7300, 740 eXcellence, 8006, 8007, 8600, 9006, 9500, 9600, CE20, Lotus

Use with Kenmore Models: 384.18024000, 385.16524000, 385.18836090, 385.1884180, 385.19150090, 385.19157, 385.1950180, 385.1950280, 385.1960180

Use with Necchi models: EX100, EX30, EX60, NE30, QS60

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