Janome 712T Treadle Sewing Machine with Exclusive Bonus Bundle

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  • Janome 712T Treadle Sewing Machine - Front View
  • Janome 712T Treadle Sewing Machine with Exclusive Bonus Bundle
  • Janome 712T Treadle Sewing Machine with Exclusive Bonus Bundle
  • Janome 712T Treadle Powered Sewing Machine - Side View
  • Janome 712T Treadle Sewing Machine - Rear View
  • Janome 712T Treadle Powered Sewing Machine - Stitch Control
  • Janome 712T Treadle Powered Sewing Machine - Stitch Options
  • Janome 712T Treadle Powered Sewing Machine - Thread Tension Dial
  • Janome 712T Treadle Powered Sewing Machine - Foot and Needle Side View
  • Janome 712T Treadle Powered Sewing Machine - Foot and Plate
  • Janome 712T Treadle Powered Sewing Machine - Instruction Manual
  • Janome 712T Treadle Sewing Machine with Exclusive Bonus Bundle

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Treadle operated machines are 100% human powered. Machine does not require power to run and cannot be converted to electric. A treadle operated sewing table (not included) is required to run this machine. 


Like the foot-operated machines of yesteryear, Janome has brought the best of treadle and electric machines together in the impressive, fun, and easy-to-use Janome 712T. Useful for sewists living off the grid or just those who enjoy a true DIY sewing experience, the 712T offers some modern features in a more traditional type of machine.

Economically priced, the Janome 712T is a sturdy foot-powered machine that operates when installed in a treadle operated sewing table which is not included. It has an aluminum die-cast frame. With its flatbed design, this compact machine can be easily inserted into existing cabinetry for comfortable use.

The Janome 712T offers 10 standard built-in stitches plus one 4-step buttonhole stitch to cover all the necessary basics for simple, yet quality sewing. It includes adjustable stitch width and length, easy stitch selector dials, and makes clean, quality stitches. It will easily sew through thick fabric or multiple layers.

Other features of the 712T include a 5-piece feed dog with drop feed capability, snap-on presser feet, extra-high presser foot lift, a top-loading full rotary hook bobbin, and a simple push-pull bobbin winder. It functions the same as any other basic electric model.

The machine comes with universal, hemmer, blind hem, overedge, zipper, and zigzag feet, a sliding buttonhole foot, a specialized bobbin for this machine, and more. The included bonus bundle adds a ¼” seam foot for quilting, a supply of Janome bobbins and size 14 needles, and an additional 3-year extended warranty.

The standard warranty that applies to the 712T is 25 years on mechanical parts, 5 years on electrical parts, and 1 year on labor.

The Janome 712T - A Modern Version of the Traditional Treadle Sewing Machine!

A treadle operated sewing table (not included) is required to run this machine.

Bonus Bundle Includes: Janome 1/4" Seam Foot, 10 Janome Bobbins, Size 14 Needles, & a 3 Year Nationwide Extended Warranty Plan

Included Accessories

  • Sliding Buttonhole Foot J
  • Zipper Foot E
  • Zigzag Foot A
  • Overedge Foot
  • Hemmer Foot 2mm D
  • Blind Stitch Foot G
  • Screwdriver (L)
  • Seam Ripper
  • Lint Brush
  • Set of Needles
  • Bobbins (5)
  • Finger Guard

Janome Company Warranty

  • 25 Years on Mechanical Parts
  • 5 Years on Electrical Parts
  • 1 Year Labor

Offer Available On Orders Shipped To United States Destinations Only

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33 Reviews

  • 5
    Five Stars

    Posted by unicornmother on 15th Nov 2018

    You can't go wrong with this sewing machine

  • 4
    Heck Yeah!

    Posted by Rabid Reader on 13th Nov 2018

    I purchased this machine with some reservations after the effort to find a Singer 401G or similar machine took longer than my old Pfaff had to give. The day it started making wheezing noises, I knew that it was time to give up the search for the wild unicorn and buy the pony.

    I'm glad I bought the pony. It's a NICE pony. Would I love to have the functionality of Singer Fashion Disks? Yes. Do I wish it had needle position right? Yes. Do I wish it had a metal bobbin case with a spring lid? Yep. But with the Janome I get the benefit of a warranty, a machine that is still in production (meaning new parts are also still in production.) and the peace of mind that when it becomes a valuable part of my household economy, should something happen, I'm not off on another hunting trip for unicorns to replace it.

    This machine is very solid -- there are some plastic body panels, but everything that honestly should be metal IS metal, and everything that should feel solid does. I own a Bernina from the 1970s (a lovely thing she is too), and it's true that nothing sews like a Bernina. It's so far ahead of the herd, there is no race. But as far as Janome might be behind Bernina, it's that much again ahead of the rest of race. I've joked in the past that Janome makes a diesel-powered sewing machine due to the noisy motors, fortunately, this Janome, having no motor, is only slightly noisier than the Singer 66 that occupied the cabinet previously. You can easily hold a conversation while sewing on this machine. Or watch TV. I made a tunic over the weekend and the machine went from stiff to sewing very smoothly. (I oiled it completely in advance, however.) This machine has no intentionally decorative stitches, but it has the usual host of utili-stiches and some of those can be made decorative if you work at it. It is designed to sew both woven and stretch.

    The feet could be better quality -- I'm going to hit up my Janome dealer for a better ankle and feet sometime soonish and I'll get back with an update. But, the feet that come with it do get the job done okay (well, the zipper foot is lame, but that's zipper feet....)

  • 5
    perfect machine!

    Posted by B. CROSS on 13th Nov 2018

    okay, i think this is my first review of a product ever! but when i was looking around for sewing machines i found it very frustrating that there were not any reviews on some things so i thought that i would do my part =D

    first of all, this machine is amazing!! before purchasing this, i was using an older White machine and it was electric...i was always having problems with the bobbin and threading and it not working etc. i have no had one problem since i first started using this machine (about 2 months ago now). i do need to add that this machine sees daily use...we cloth diaper in our family and i have been making an entire stash for my son and my soon to be daughter. this machine can sew through multiple layers of fabric (thick fabric) without a problem!

    my favorites:
    -no electricity needed for this machine to work
    -super easy to thread
    -the most amazing bobbin system i have ever used (SO easy)
    -very strong, sturdy machine

    this machine is mostly metal which is hard to come by now a days...there are some plastic parts but the pieces that matter are metal...i bought an old treadle sewing cabinet off of craigslist for about $40 and this fit into it just fine....i bought a singer sewing cabinet

    you will need to purchase a belt separately and they are about $12, you can just google treadle belts and various sites will pop up, they are a standard length and you cut them down to size according to your cabinet and machine.

    you wont regret this purchase!!

  • 4
    Wonderful machine

    Posted by Bob Irwin on 13th Nov 2018

    It works beautifully. I have only two little problems. One is that the bobbin winder is very slow, not a biggie, though. The other is that it does not fit into any of the cabinets I have. It's too wide and the end with the belt and wheel is not shaped to accommodate the existing cabinet. I Gerry-rigged a set up and it works fine, just doesn't look too great. Otherwise a fine machine and worth every penny.

  • 4
    Nice machine

    Posted by curly56 on 13th Nov 2018

    This machine is nice. We were not able to use it right away as the treadle belt and the mounting screws were missing. Otherwise the machine is great.

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