Grace Q'Nique 15M Midarm Quilting Machine with Hoop Frame Pro with Bonuspack

Grace Q'Nique 15M Midarm Quilting Machine with Hoop Frame Pro with Bonuspack

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Please Note: If using a domestic style machine on this frame, top plate and handles must be purchased separately.


When it’s time to move up to a real longarm quilting machine, the Q’nique midarm machine by Grace is an ideal choice. 

The Q’nique 15M midarm is a manual-mode machine, offering high-quality constant-speed straight stitching for those who prefer to work manually with their longarm. 

The Q’nique 15M midarm has a high-powered motor that is capable of 1800 SPM, multiple built-in LED lights to illuminate the stitching area, built-in bobbin winder plus large-capacity M-class bobbin, positionable hopping foot, and easy thread tension adjustment. 

The incredible Grace Q’nique 15M midarm is a superb choice for any quilter looking to expand their skills and capabilities with a manual-mode machine that can handle almost every project other than a king-sized quilt. 

It is user-friendly, budget-friendly, and a great machine to help you enter the world of longarm quilting. 

When you buy from SewVacDirect, the Q’nique 15M Midarm quilting machine is protected for the initial owner with Grace’s 1-year limited warranty on electrical parts, 2-year warranty on mechanical parts, and 5-year cast body warranty with certain exclusions.

Bonuspack Includes: Q'Nique 15 9-piece foot attachment setQ'Nique 15 3-piece hopping foot set, ruler base, mini slide ruler template, slice ruler template, super slide ruler template, M-class bobbins, 10-pack needles (size 100/16)

Grace Q’nique 15M Midarm Quilting Machine - Convenient and User-Friendly!

Comfort grip design    


The handles have been designed with a comfort grip, following the contours and curves of your hand. The soft ergonomic handles relieve stress on the hands, letting you quilt for an extended period of time.

6 quick-access buttons    


All the quilting functions of the machine can be controlled easily right from the handles with the push of a button.



  • 15 inch throat space
  • Adjustable handles/Micro handles
  • Positionable hopping foot
  • Full-color OLED screen
  • LED needle lights
  • Built-in automatic bobbin winder



The Q-Zone Hoop-Frame Pro is a whole new type of machine-quilting frame that easily manages fabric like a simple hoop. With its small space-saving form factor you can set it up in any room and still quilt even the largest projects! Upgraded with both the dual-track system and table inserts, the Hoop-Frame Pro offers a rigid control and smooth stitch quality equal to any professional quilting frame. The cherry on top is the cloth leader upgrade; now you can truly quilt from edge to edge on any size quilt.

The Q-Zone Hoop-Frame Pro is perfect for cross-brand compatibility and made to work with many quilting machines, from domestics to longarms with up to a 19-inch throat space. With the Pro level frame, you get the rigid control and smooth stitch quality you expect from any professional-level frame on the market.


  • Works with any sewing/quilting with up to a 19" throat
  • Work sitting or standing
  • Space-saving size
  • Quilt queen, king, or larger quilts
  • G-series carriage
Hoop Frame Comparison
Standard     Hoop Frame Pro
Quilt clips     Quilt clips
Bungee clamps     Bungee clamps
      Table inserts
      Cloth leaders
      Dual track system

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