Grace 14-inch Poly Swivel Lap Hoop

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This Item Has Been Discontinued


CLOSE OUT! Grace 14-inch Poly Swivel Lap Hoop

The PolySwivel Lap Hoop is made from polypropylene, and combines the excellent ball-swivel action of the GraceHoop2 with stand and the unique 14" square work-area of the original Grace Lap Hoop. The hoop rests on slender curved brackets, making it easy and comfortable to reach every inch of the work-area.

The brackets are connected to the ball swivel allowing you to rotate the hoop 360-degrees and position the hoop at virtually any angle. Never quilt uncomfortably in your lap again!

All of the hoop's motion is controlled with a single knob! Loosen the knob to rotate or angle your work-area. Simply tighten the knob to lock in the desired position.

The Ideal Solution for Borders and Corners The Grace Company uniquely solves the challenge with quilting borders and corners in hoops. The EdgeTool™ system provides the perfect way to achieve perfect tension in your work-area as you finish off the borders.

The EdgeTools (set of two) are included with both the PolySwivel and WoodSwivel Lap Hoops.

Grace Hoops carry a five year limited warranty against breakage or warping.

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