Arrow Mod Squad Model 2021 Modular Corner Cabinet

Arrow Mod Squad Model 2021 Modular Corner Cabinet

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Whether used alone or in conjunction with other components, the Arrow Mod Squad 2021 corner sewing cabinet makes efficient use of typically wasted corner space.

This simple cabinet is perfect for setting up a second sewing machine or a serger in your sewing ensemble or housing your main machine where it will be conveniently located, yet out of the way at the same time.

The Arrow Mod Squad 2021 cabinet measures a square 45-⅞” in length on both long sides and fits snugly into the corner radius of any standard room.

It is 39” deep from the corner to the front of the cabinet, has a corner-to-corner measurement of 46-½” across the top, and is a comfortable 30” in height; this open-front design offers loads of knee and leg space underneath.

The model 2021 includes a manual 2-position sewing machine lift that adjusts into flatbed or freearm position with ease.

There is a 24” x 12-¾” opening in the top which can accommodate machines up to 23-½” x 12-½” and weighing up to 45 lbs; it also includes a filler cover for the machine opening that converts it into a large, flush corner work table.

The Mod Squad 2021 corner cabinet is made from strong wood composite and finished in scuff-resistant white laminate to match all the other components in the Mod Squad collection.

It has 5 casters, including 2 locking casters in the front, and weighs 117 lbs.

The model 2021 corner cabinet arrives in 3 boxes and must be assembled at home. Assembly can be completed quickly and easily using a screwdriver, a variable wrench, a mallet or hammer, and the included hardware.

Easy instructions and Arrow’s toll-free helpline phone number are also included.

The Mod 2021 corner cabinet is covered by Arrow’s 3-year parts replacement warranty as well as a 15-day shipping damage warranty.

The Arrow Mod Squad 2021 Corner Sewing Cabinet - Put Corner Space to Good Use!

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