Uniquely You Your Shape Pinnable Dressform - Medium Large

Uniquely You Your Shape Pinnable Dressform - Medium Large

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Made In The USA With All USA Made Parts!

It is unique for a few reasons, the most obvious being that it is soft. It is made of high-density foam that allows you to pin into it easily, great for the sewer who uses the draping technique of pattern drafting. Being made of foam means it is ideal for use by corset makers as it can be squeezed and shaped much like the human body.

Uniquely You Dressform includes a cover as well!

To select the proper dress form and cover size:

  1. Take the measurements over under garments at the fullest part of hip and bust to the closest half-inch.
  2. Select your form size according to hip measurement.
  3. Then select your cover size according to your bust measurement. The chart applies even if you are short-waist (half-size) or long waist.
  4. Find your cover size across from your form size and select below.
uniq-chart2.jpg transparent-gif-vert1.gif uniq-chart1.jpg



  • Made of durable, soft polyurethane (also known as foam rubber)
  • Pre-constructed cover/shell included
  • Adjustable to your height for hemming
  • Turns a full 360 degrees
  • Realistic bust with adjustable "bust string" to obtain natural cleavage
  • Several women can use the same form with the use of individual covers
  • Should you change size, simply re-adjust the cover seams to fit your new shape
  • Solutions for long and short waist sewing problems
  • Smooth, non-broken body sewing surface
  • Consumer accepted for 23 years
  • Pre-constructed cover can easily be adjusted to your shape
  • Your personal cover provides accurate measurements for flat pattern alterations
  • The cover is zipped onto the pre-shaped body form and becomes your twin because it compresses to fill the shape of the cover
  • Ultra durable - you can hem on it, steam press on it, pin it, drape on it, baste on it, design and tailor on it

  • 5
    Good quality, custom fit

    Posted by Ashley on 17th Oct 2013

    I had my eye on this form for a year before diving in and purchasing. It arrived in a timely manner and was intact. While I have not made the adjustments to my cover yet, I have read the instructions and, being a self-taught sewer, there is terminology that I am unfamiliar with; but the adjustment in each step is decipherable. I am going to attempt it first on my own, but am open to giving the cover and the instructions to a tailor if I fail. I am just excited to start making my own clothes. Good quality, custom fit.

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    It's name says it all!

    Posted by Allyson on 16th Aug 2013

    Purchased a "used" dial-adjustment brand that would not get small enough at the bust! Then I started researching products out there. Glad I came across the Uniquely You!! It is the the answer to my problems!! Ordered by the bust size and just added padding to waist and hips. Ordered the cover size as recommended on the website and didn't have to enlarge the bottom like I thought. Had a dressmaker friend pin me in and we sewed it up in a matter of a couple hours. I have made 2 tops in the last week without having to undress a single time!! Follow ordering and sizing instructions and you will be glad you left the dial-a-mannequin in the store!! It's name says it all!

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    Works for me

    Posted by Kayla on 20th Jul 2013

    I got this for one of my fashion classes and we do put the cover on the dress form. It came on time and this was the cheapest place to buy one of these. Unfortunately when I took the dress form out of the box both the sides of the dress form were apart. The sides were not glued correctly and the dress form by it self looks very bad (uneven gluing and glue down the metal rod in the middle). I had to use a curved quilting needle to sew the sides back up which was annoying and time consuming but once the cover for the dress form was on it looked fine.
    So the bottom line is that this dress form is great I just wish the quality checkers would have done a better job.

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    Finally got it completed

    Posted by unknown on 7th Apr 2012

    After looking at the cover and instructions I knew this would not be something that could be done by myself. I went to a tailor that pinned the cover for me. I took it home and after ignoring it for several months I finally sewed it up and stuffed the form inside using the press with my knee and zip technique. I checked each of the measurements and sure enough it was me! Have never been able to accurately fit myself. I just finished making myself a dress. It fits me PERFECTLY! I am so excited. Am going to do a trench coat next. Love this!

  • 5
    dress form

    Posted by Micky Clauser on 19th Jan 2012

    I finally received my dress form in the mail. It was delayed at the manufacturer's end from my Sept 10th purchase, but Alan at SewVac Direct was very helpful in straightening everything out. It arrived packaged very nicely. I still have to sew the cover to my measurements, and I have read reviews that the process can be confusing and somewhat difficult fitting the finished cover over the form, but that everyone else that bought one was very happy with the end results. I can't wait to start working on mine, but I'm going to take my time and read the directions over and over again! Thank you!

  • 5
    Great Sewing Friend

    Posted by Sonia E Harden Lemke on 19th Jan 2012


    My Uniquely You arrived safe and sound and I have made the adjustments and am sewing with it already. They are the best. I had one years ago and loved it, but I changed sizes so needed a larger one. Booh Hoooo! Oh well, I am going into old age kicking and screaming! Thnx for your prompt service.

    I have a too large one that I would like to sell. Would you be willing to take on a consignment? It is in perfect condition. With the cover and stand. I would be happy with $100 net for me. Can't use it, it is too large. Please let me know it is the LARGE (20-22). If you find me a buyer, I can ship it direct. Please add the shipping charges to whatever you sell it for and send me that plus the $100, you keep the rest. You could just credit my credit card. This would be the easiest for me and you.

    Best Regards,

    Sonia E Harden Lemke

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