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  • Singer Special Purpose Foot

    Singer Special Purpose Foot

    The Special Purpose foot is ideal for decorative sewing, such as applique, satin stitching and cut work. It has a grooved bottom, which allows for thread build-up. Fits most Singer low shank models. // // // <div style="display:inline;">...

  • Singer Cording Foot

    Singer Cording Foot

    Cording Foot--This versatile foot is used for gathering, shirring, and applying fine cords. For Singer Models 6500, 2623, 7300, 3800, 6038, 1100, 2638, Scholastic Series, CE100*, CE200*, CE150*, CE250*, CE350, Futura*, Quantum Futura * requires use of...

  • Singer Blindstitch Foot

    Singer Blindstitch Foot (010400)

    Used to position the hem for blindstitch hemming on the machine. This is a fast alternative to hemming by hand. Use with Singer Sewing Machine Models: CE100, CE150, CE200, CE250, CE350. Also fits models not listed that use Low Shank style...

  • Singer Braiding Guide

    Singer Braiding Guide

    The adjustable guide offers perfectly centered hands free placement of cords, ribbon, braiding, or tape. Fits most Singer low shank models. Guide Only - Foot Not Included // // //

  • All-Purpose Foot for Singer Models

    All-Purpose Foot for Singer Models

    The all-purpose presser foot is used for general sewing on most types of fabric. It has a wide needle opening that allows for sewing of stitches up to 7mm in width or straight stitching with the needle in various positions. The underside is flat to hold...

  • Singer Clear Open Toe Foot Singer Clear Open Toe Foot Singer Clear Open Toe Foot

    Singer Clear Open Toe Foot

    The clear open toe foot is perfect for applique, decorative stitching, and surface embellishments such as applying trims. It provides an unobstructed view of the stitching while sewing since there is no bridge between the toes. There is also a groove on...

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