Sew Vac Direct Sells Singer Quilting Machines For Your Creative Quilting Projects!

Notable for its long-trusted and robust sewing machines, the Singer company also manufactures fun and fully functional quilting machines with all the extra features you want!

Singer quilting machines include all the favorite features of its standard sewing models, combining them with the specialty features that make quilting a breeze!

From their expansive selection of utility and decorative stitches to larger platforms and drop feed, free-motion features, Singer quilting machines are an excellent choice for quilters of any experience level.

Singer quilting machines give you everything you need to easily create beautiful quilted gifts, bed quilts, quilted accessories, and much more!

Sew Vac Direct is proud to bring you a selection of exceptional sewing, quilting, and embroidery machines by Singer, a revered name that many of us grew up with - and still use!

We are an authorized reseller of Singer sewing machines and products, standing behind every machine that leaves our warehouse.

As a retailer of sewing machines and countless other sewing accessories for more than twenty-five years, we at Sew Vac Direct are not satisfied until you happy with your purchase.

We have built a name as one of America’s largest and trusted dealers of the sewing brands you trust and look for.

Whether you’re an occasional sewist looking for a basic machine at a great price or an advanced sewist making incredible quilts, Sew Vac Direct is here to serve you!

Trust Singer and Sew Vac Direct for the Personal Quilting Machine of Your Dreams!

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