Organ Titanium Coated Embroidery Needles - 100 Needles - 15X1PD-110/18

Organ Titanium Coated Embroidery Needles - 100 Needles - 15X1PD-110/18

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Organ Needle Company has just introduced the most durable needle made from the latest technology using ceramic coatings. These new needles have titanium layered on their surfaces to extend their productive life by as much as five times that of conventional needles. Organ's titanium coated needles are significantly stronger than other needles while maintaining elasticity. This reduces needle breakage, bending, and distortion. These needles provide perfect reliability and durability in prolonged stitching operations. Organ's process for making titanium needles also strengthens the point of the needle. Normally, the point of each needle is exposed to high pressures causing needle wear and breakage. Organ's Perfect Durability needles have been reinforced while maintaining a perfect shape in order to provide greater wear resistance and durability.


Size 110/18

Quantity 100 (10 x 10 packs)

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