Miele Type G/N Airclean Filter Bags

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Miele has improved the technology of their GN style dustbag and it's important you know that you can purchase these new, improved dustbags to replace the previous Miele GN HyClean and GN IntensiveClean bags. The vacuum bag is an important part of the vacuum's filtration system and thanks to the new innovative, automatic dustbag collar, dust cannot escape past the collar so you’re not exposed to tiny, lung-damaging dust and allergens. The newer bags have been improved to make them even less likely to tear or be perforated by any object that enters the bag. Compared to the older type bags, the new Miele AirClean GN bags boast that the suction loss from an increased bag capacity has been reduced 33%. Improved filtration, extended bag life and improvements to suction power are reasons you should always use Miele AirClean GN bags instead of Miele HyClean GN or Miele IntensiveClean GN bags. Order your Miele GN bags today.

Package includes:

  • (4) Genuine Miele GN AirClean dustbags
  • (1) Motor Filter
  • (1) Super Air Clean Filter

Suitable replacement bag for the following Miele vacuum cleaner models:

  • S401 Fullsize
  • S412 Profi
  • S428 Allergy Control
  • S434 White Pearl
  • S438 Allergy Control
  • S444 Platinum
  • S444 White Pearl
  • S624 Fullsize
  • S658 Blue Moon
  • S2121 Capri
  • S2120 Delphi
  • S2120 Olympus
  • S2180/81 Titan
  • S5210 Ariel
  • S5211 Ariel
  • S5280 Callisto
  • S5280 Pisces
  • S5281 Callisto
  • S5281 Pisces 
  • S5281 Libra
  • S5380
  • S5381 Leo
  • S5481 Earth
  • S5580 Aquarius
  • S5980 Capricorn
  • S5981 Capricorn
  • S400i to S456i
  • S600 to S658
  • S800 to S858
  • S2000 Series
  • S5000 Series

Look at the above links for more available parts for your vacuum model.

Benefits and Features of The Miele AirClean GN Bag:

Improved Technology: Thanks to the new innovative, automatic dustbag collar, a plastic flap on the AirClean dustbag closes the bag opening automatically when the dust compartment lid is opened. When the dust compartment lid is closed, a part of the suction hose connector presses the closed flap open, allowing the passage of air into the dustbag.

This offers convenience benefits on removal of a full dustbag and even when the dust compartment lid is opened.

When the dust flap is open, the colored hygiene seal integrated into the new collar ensures a tight fit and prevents dust escaping past the collar.

Protective Netting: The protective netting on the inner and outer surfaces of the dustbag offers visible protection against damage to the filter material and also improves the bag's tear-proof properties along the welded seams.

The benefit of the protective netting is immediately obvious to anyone who has experienced a dustbag bursting while vacuuming. The function of the netting is further supported by fibers surrounding the mesh.

Airflow Guides: Airflow guides inside the dustbag deflect the passage of dust-laden air on entry so as to achieve optimum use of the dustbag's capacity, increasing dust storage capacity by up to 25%. This allows prolonged use of the dustbag.

Finally, the airflow guides also assume the role of the impact protection foil used on the previous dustbag version, ensuring that sharp, pointed objects do not result in perforation of the bag.

In comparison to IntensiveClean Plus dustbags, suction power loss with a dust quantity of 400 grams has been reduced by 33%. This means that a AirClean dustbag lasts much longer than an IntensiveClean Plus bag.

Performance: Extended bag life and improvements to suction power are two excellent reasons to make sure you use only genuine, Miele HyClean dustbags.

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7 Reviews

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    Five Stars

    Posted by Carolyn Meyers on 19th Dec 2018

    Perfect bags. Thank you so much for your speedy delivery.

  • 5
    Just as good as original product!

    Posted by joseph cutaia on 19th Dec 2018

    Does the same job for much less.

  • 5
    Exactly what I needed

    Posted by Scouter63 on 19th Dec 2018

    I needed to get bags for my Miele vacuum cleaner and the only place that sold them locally was a half hour away. So I turned to Amazon to get the bags. These bags are exactly what I needed and seem to work well with my vacuum.

  • 5
    No brainer

    Posted by Keith F. on 18th Dec 2018

    Perfect, highest quality replacement bags. I will buy them again. Highly recommended.

  • 5
    Just as good as expensive bags

    Posted by K. Adams on 18th Dec 2018

    I bought these for what I thought would be a one time use for "shedding season" and if you have pets you know what I mean. But after using them I found them just as good as the expensive originals. So I have reordered twice now and they work fine with my Miele.

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