Miele STB-205-2 Air-Driven Turbobrush

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The Miele STB205-2 Turbobrush fits the S200-S600 Series vacuums. The 11" wide turbobrush has a rotating roller brush, powered by the suction of your own vacuum that loosens dirt from the carpet and then collects it. The buffer strip around the Turbobrush protects furniture from scuffing. It is ideal for low to medium pile carpeting. Unlike an upright vacuum cleaner, the Miele Turbobrush has no beater bars, only brushes, so it is possible to use on hard flooring without fear of scratching your floors. A squeegee type strip is also included at the back, just in front of the two soft rubber coated wheels, that help move the dirt into the path of the roller brush. On top of the STB205-2 beside the Miele logo, you'll find a slider allowing you to lower its suction slightly when used on hard flooring. If you're using your turbobrush on delicate flooring such as area rugs, you’ll find these features to be ideal to give you the right amount of suction you need. Be sure this is the correct Turbobrush for your Miele model number as there are two other Turbobrushes, STB205 and STB205-3. As stated above, this is for the Miele S200, S300, S400, S500 and canister vacuums.

Recommended for gentle cleaning and restoring of crushed carpet nap of low- to medium-height pile carpets with lighter densities.

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