Melco Fast Clamp Pro

Melco Fast Clamp Pro

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The Melco Fast Clamp Pro is a versatile clamping system for your embroidery machine that replaces thousands of dollars worth of other embroidery frames, hoops, and clamps. The kit includes three sets of arms of varying lengths which can be adjusted to fit your product. This enables embroidery on products with a narrow or small sew field, such as dog leashes, bag straps, flip flops, small pockets, and more. This simple, easy-to-use system reduces production cost, adds versatility to your embroidery machine, and improves stitch quality. 


  • Three sets of arms included: short, medium, and long
  • Adjustable width - easily move arms in or out to fit the product
  • Adjustable arm height to fit materials of varying thickness
  • Manufactured with high-quality aircraft aluminum, making it light-weight and rigid


  • Minimum sew field: 1.18" x 3.54"
  • Maximum sew field: 7.16" x 9"
  • Maximum fabric thickness: up to .23"

Fits Melco embroidery machine models: EMT16 PLUS, EMT16, AMAYA XTS, AMAYA XT, and BRAVO

Melco Fast Clamp Pro Demo Videos - Click here for more videos!

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