Juki Sergers & CoverStitch Machines

Juki Sergers & CoverStitch Machines


If you’re getting tired of frayed edges and unfinished seams, it may be time to look into a serger or overlocking machine. Sergers can sew up your seams, trim off edges that are raw, and finish up those edges all in one go. They are particularly useful for non-woven or non-stretchy fabrics. 

Juki sergers are popular the world over not only for their quality, but also their durability. The professional look and strength of the seams you get on your finished projects are just unmatched with the Juki.

There are a number of choices of machines that will allow you to work with 3 threads, 4 threads, or even 5 threads. If you’re looking for a dependable serger, look no further than Juki. The choices of models is extensive, as there are 3 different collections: the Juki Garnet Series, the Juki Pearl Series, and the Juki Cover Stitch sergers.

Rugged and Durable - Juki Sergers!

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