Juki Applique Foot For HZL-DX, HZL-F and HZL-G Series Machines

Juki Applique Foot For HZL-DX, HZL-F and HZL-G Series Machines

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The Applique Presser foot was designed specifically for machine applique. The foot is transparent, and shorter than a normal presser foot. This provides better visibility as well as making it easier to maneuver around curves and corners.

Applique stitches can be created using the Zigzag, Blanket or Blind stitch patterns.

  • Cut out the applique shape.
  • There are several ways to position applique fabric or shape to the base fabric, including straight pins, spray adhesive or fusible web.
  • Stitch around the applique shape using a slow to medium sewing speed.

TIPS: To more easily maneuver around curves, lighten the foot pressure to 2. Test stitch prior to final application, as it may be necessary to place a lightweight stabilizer under the sewing area. To check that stitching will align in the desired position, turn the sewing machine hand wheel towards you, and check the left (inside) and right (outside) needle positions.

Fits Juki Models:

  • HZL-DX-2000QVP
  • HZL-DX7
  • HZL-DX5
  • HZL-F600
  • HZL-F400
  • HZL-F300
  • HZL-G220
  • HZL-G120
  • HZL-G110
  • HZL-G210

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