Janome Satin Stitch Foot F

Janome Satin Stitch Foot F

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Janome Top Load Satin Stitch Foot F

For sewing dense zigzag stitching. The bottom of the foot is beveled for smooth delivery of thread when sewing decorative or satin stitches. Foot is made of clear plastic making it easier to view stitching.

Fits Janome models: MC11000 Special Edition, MC11000, MC10001, MC10000, MC9700, MC9500, MC9000, MC8100, MC8000, MC5700, MC5000, MC7700QCP, MC6600P, 2040, HF3022, 6260QC, 4048, 8048, 8080, DC2007LE, DC3018, DC3050, HF3000, HF8077, 7061NX, 7330, HT2008, JP720, JP760, MC2400, MC3000, MC3500,MC4000, MC4400, MC4800, MC4800QC, MC4900QC, MC5001, MC5002, MC5500, MC6000, MC6300P, MC6500P, MC7000, MC7500, MO200, DC1050, DC2010, DC2011, DC4030, DC5100, MC5200, AQS2009, 3160QDC, 2160QDC, JNH1860, HF8050, CE2200, ML3023, ME4018, 4045LX, 4045NX, 4119(Quilter's delight), ME4123, 4618LE, 4623LE, 6019QC, 6125QC, DE5018, DE5024, DE5124, DS3500, HD-3000, HF4045LX, Harmony 4052LX, Sew Precise, DX502, 509, 521, 525S, 625E, 652, 653, 659, 660-Jem Gold, 661-Jem Gold 2, 662-Jem Silver, 712T, 7318, 808, 808A, ME4014, HF5024, S-3015, MS-3015, MS-5027, S-3023, NH2014, S-650, S-750, S-950, SD2014, S2015, DX2015, SS2015, SW2018E, DX2022, DX2030, SL2022, SR2000, SR2100, MyStyle100, 665-Jem Gold III, 661G-Jem Gold Plus, Sewist 500, HF5812 , DC2012

Fits Elna Models: 2800, 3002, 3004, 3006, 3210, 3230, eXperience 520, eXperience 520s, eXperience 540s, eXperience 560, eXperience 570, eXperience 580, 5200, 5300, 540 eXperience, 6001, 6005 Heirloom, 620 eXperience, 660 eXperience, 720 eXcellence, 7200 Pro Quilter's Dream, 740 eXcellence, 8007, 8600, CE20, e9500, eXplore 320, eXplore 340, Lotus, Star Edition, 9600

Fits Kenmore models: 384.18028300, 385.11206300, 385.14052200, 385.1584180, 385.16020100, 385.16120200, 385.16126200, 385.16130200, 385.16231300, 385.16231301, 385.16231400, 385.16520000, 385.1684180, 385.1695180, 385.17026590, 385.17124790, 385.17126690, 385.17324990, 385.17626890, 385.17628890, 385.1764180, 385.17724490, 385.1778181, 385.17822490, 385.17824090, 385.1782480, 385.17826690, 385.17828490, 385.1788180, 385.17922090, 385.17928090, 385.18080200, 385.18221800, 385.18230790, 385.18330, 385.18330990, 385.18630890, 385.18830490, 385.18836090, 385.1884180, 385.19000, 385.19000690, 385.19001890, 385.19001990, 385.19010200, 385.19030790, 385.19110600, 385.19150090, 385.19153690, 385.19157100, 385.19233400, 385.19365990, 385.1950180, 385.1960180, 385.19606400 

Fits Necchi models: 4825, 6150, EX100, EX30, EX60, FB12, NE30, QS60

Fits Pfaff models: Hobby 1122, Hobby 1132, hobby 1142 

Fits Viking models: Huskystar 224, Huskystar 219

Janome Satin Stitch Foot F

For sewing dense zigzag stitching. The bottom of the foot is beveled for smooth delivery of thread when sewing decorative or satin stitches. Foot is made of clear plastic making it easier to view stitching.


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