Janome Artistic Sit Down Quilter AQ18

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This Item Has Been Discontinued
  • Janome Artistic Sit Down Quilter AQ18
  • Janome Artistic Sit Down Quilter AQ18

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This Item Has Been Discontinued


When a long arm quilting machine is desired but there just isn’t enough space, the Janome Artistic AQ18 is the perfect answer! This long arm machine is mounted to its own space-saving table to give the functionality of a long arm in the space only a little bit larger than a normal sewing cabinet.

The Artistic AQ18 essentially functions like any other long arm quilting machine, only without the need to use a frame. It is mounted to a drop leaf work table that gives quilters a lot of options as to how they want to work. With the leaf down, the table is only 30” x 43” and small enough for even a smaller sewing space, leaving plenty of room to work around the machine. The leaf adds an additional 23” for an open dimension of 43” x 53.” This is more than enough room to comfortably work on large quilts and then collapse the leaf afterward to conserve sewing room space.

The AQ18 is a fun, versatile machine that does easy free motion quilting from the seated position. It uses large, M-sized bobbins that last much longer than standard ones and can wind bobbins while it is in use. The machine has a vast 18” of space to the right of the positionable needle, making it easy to move fabric around on the table without it bunching or pulling. The table includes a flexible work lamp that can be adjusted to shine over just the right spot.

This machine is very easy to set up and thread; it can be used by experienced quilters as well as those just learning. It has programmable needle up/down memory and a variable stitch speed control to produce the best stitches as you go. It comes with a selection of built-in free motion stitch patterns and will accept downloadable patterns as well. There are soft-touch control buttons for choosing and adjusting stitches and a foot control. This dedicated quilting machine also has a self-contained oil reserve to automatically oil the hook without the risk of getting oil on a quilt while sewing it.

The Artistic AQ18 sit-down quilter comes with the drop leaf sewing table, a starter supply of bobbins and needles, an oil dispenser, machine cleaning tools, and more. There are many optional accessories available for it including a stitching robot with stitch regulator and specialty stitch programming software.

This unique machine comes with a warranty that includes 5 years on mechanical parts, 5 years on electrical parts, and 1 year on labor charges.

The Janome Artistic AQ18 - A Long Arm Quilter in A Handy Sit-Down Setup!

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