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  • Janome Lace Attachment

    Janome Lace Attachment

    Efficient and clever, this guide folds perfect 6mm (1/4 inch) edges. At the same moment it's hemming, it attaches lace or trim placed underneath. // // //

  • Janome Felling Guide

    Janome Felling Guide

    A flatfell seam provides strength and durability. This guide folds the upper fabric for a smooth and consistent fell seam, and reduces seam thickness. For use with the 1200D. // // //

  • Janome Fagoting Guide

    Janome Fagoting Guide

    The fagoting guide keeps fabrics separated while creating lacy fagoting effects and finishing touches with a coverhem. For use with the 1200D. // // // <div style="display:inline;"> <img height="1" width="1"...

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