Grace Q'Nique 15M Quilting Machine with Continuum 10' Quilting Frame with Bonuspack

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Don't let space issues stop you from upgrading your quilting capability!

The Q’nique 15M midarm with a Continuum 10-foot frame is the perfect manual longarm machine to expand your capabilities in an affordable and convenient way even when space isn't really available.

The Grace Q’nique 15M midarm is used on a more compact frame and allows you to do true longarm quilting in a smaller space with complete manual speed control.

With a high-powered motor that is capable of 1800 SPM, multiple built-in LED lights to illuminate the stitching area, built-in bobbin winder plus large-capacity M-class bobbin, positionable hopping foot, and easy thread tension adjustment, the incredible Grace Q’nique 15M midarm with 10-foot Continuum Frame is an exellent choice for looking to expand your skills and capabilities with a manual-mode machine.

It is user-friendly, budget-friendly, and a great machine to help you enter the world of longarm quilting.

The Q’nique 15M Midarm quilting machine is protected for the initial owner with Grace’s 1-year limited warranty on electrical parts, 2-year warranty on mechanical parts, and 5-year cast body warranty with certain exclusions.

Bonuspack includes Q'Nique 15 9-piece foot attachment setQ'Nique 15 3-piece hopping foot set, ruler base, mini slide ruler template, slice ruler template, super slide ruler template, M-class bobbins, 10-pack needles (size 100/16)

Grace Q’nique 15M Midarm Quilting Machine w/10' Continuum Frame – Basic and Helpful!

Comfort grip design    


The handles have been designed with a comfort grip, following the contours and curves of your hand. The soft ergonomic handles relieve stress on the hands, letting you quilt for an extended period of time.

6 quick-access buttons    


All the quilting functions of the machine can be controlled easily right from the handles with the push of a button.



  • 15 inch throat space
  • Adjustable handles/Micro handles
  • Positionable hopping foot
  • Full-color OLED screen
  • LED needle lights
  • Built-in automatic bobbin winder


Grace Continuum 10’ Machine Quilting Frame 

For over 30 years, the Grace Company has produced some of the finest machine–quilting frames available. Now the Continuum combines some of the most sought after features into a modular system that’s available for quilters of every level and nearly every sewing machine type. With steel and cast–alloy components, the frame is one of the sturdiest and longest–lasting frames ever designed. This modular frame has many available configurations and accessories. This is a no–baste frame designed to make your quilting projects easier, more convenient, and more beautiful.

grac-cont10-g-1.jpg transparent-gif-vert1.gif  
grac-cont10-g-2.jpg   SURETRACK DUAL–WHEEL SYSTEM
This smooth gliding track system enhances stitch quality, accuracy, and carriage motion.
grac-cont10-g-3.jpg   CHANNEL LOCKS
Conveniently lock your machine motion into either back and forth, or side to side motion. Perfect for straight lines.
grac-cont10-g-4.jpg   LEVELING FEET
No matter what floor your frame is on, these feet are an easy way to make sure it's level and balanced.
grac-cont10-g-5.jpg   ADJUSTABLE DEPTH
Adjust the depth of your work area to match your quilting frame. Get closer when working on short–arm quilting machine, or expand your space for larger patterns with a long–arm.
grac-cont10-g-6.jpg   HEIGHT–ADJUSTABLE LEGS
Height–adjustable legs let you work at the level that is most comfortable to you.
grac-cont10-g-7.jpg   HAND–WHEEL
Conveniently roll all the layers of your quilt with the take–up rail hand–wheel. This advances the fabric to the next section of your project for quilting.

Need more space and extra utility? Check out these attachments for Grace Continuum frames!

Batting Rail   Idler Rail   Gliding Rail   2-Foot Extension
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