Whether you are doing free motion quilting with your longarm quilting machine or using a pattern, uniformity is the key to getting desired results. Achieving a uniform stitch design usually involves drawing out your design on the fabric now Grace makes it even easier with convenient pattern template sets. Using their Plastic Pattern Perfect frame sets, you can get a perfect, uniformly stitched pattern quickly and easily without having to mark your fabric. Made from durable plastic, each Grace Pattern Perfect template set is designed for use on the frame tabletop with a stylus attachment for your Grace quilting frame so that all you must do is set the stylus into the template track and follow the pattern to guide the needle on your quilting machine. Available in a variety of swirling designs and geometric patterns, Grace Pattern Perfect frame template sets that includes multiple patterns are easy to use and combine to help you create professional-looking, decoratively stitched quilts with perfect, uniform designs! Sew Vac Direct has been serving the quilting community for more than 25 years, offering top-ranked brands and products, including Grace frames and quilting accessories! Grace Pattern Perfect Frame Templates - Sold With Pride by SewVac Direct!

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