Grace / Brother Combos

Grace / Brother Combos


Quilting Excellence - Brother Machine with a Grace Frame!

A trusted name in sewing and quilting machines, Brothers are amazing, feature-full machines that can help you take your quilting to the next level! Paired with the right quilting frame, Brother machines give you the freedom and capability needed to create amazing quilts in an easy and enjoyable way. Designed to offer the ultimate in features, adjustments, and durability, Grace quilt frames and rail systems are among the best available. With 30 years of experience built into each product, any Grace frame you choose will make the perfect home for your Brother quilting machine. Today, you can get the best of both worlds with a Grace/Brother Frame Machine Combo from Sew Vac Direct. Available with a variety of Grace frames, Brother quilting machines work effortlessly to glide your needle over the fabric to make quilts of any size. Also included in these combo bundles, you’ll get all the frame and machine accessories needed to set up and start quilting on the same day. Clamps, stitch regulators, software, bobbins, needles, and much more are all included in these amazing bundles! Sew Vac Direct has been selling the top names in sewing and quilting machines like Grace and Brother for more than 25 years. Today, we are proud to offer top quality machines and components to our customers at very affordable prices. Try a Grace quilting frame with your Brother and see your quilting dreams come true!

Grace/Brother Frame and Machine Combos - From SewVac Direct!

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