Gingher 7-1/2in Pinking Shears

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Every sewer's must-have cutting implement to provide a ravel-resistant edge to fabric. Cuts a perfect zigzag edge on fabric to prevent unraveling. Knife edge blade grind effortlessly cuts through multiple layers of fabric from joint to tip every time. Serrated blade on one edge assists in gripping delicate fabrics such as silk and rayon. Blunt tip on blades will not snag fabrics. Durable double-plated chrome over nickel.

105 Reviews

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    Great scissors, but heavy

    Posted by Grommit11 on 26th Jun 2019

    Bought theses because I have a pair of Gingher fabric shears and absolutely love them. When I got these, I was excited to see how they worked. So I pulled them out of the packaging and went to town. The first thing i noticed was the weight; they're quite heavy and as a result can fatigue your hand of you have a lot of pinking to do. Another warning flag that went up is that the scissors are a bit stiff. This was easily resolved by placing a small amount of mineral oil on the assembly point. Really like these shears for the quality but may still purchase a lighter pair to use for larger projects.

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    The best brand

    Posted by Zmiami on 26th Jun 2019

    Best pinking sheets ever! They have some weight to then which makes them fancy. The company provides lifetime guarantee... they can be sent for sharpening if needed. Overall good investment if you like to sew.

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    Great Shears!

    Posted by Janet on 26th Jun 2019

    These are very nice and sharp pinking shears. They have a nice weight to them, they open and close easily, and they cut my polyester spandex blend material with ease. They cut the entire length of the blade. Don’t think twice, just order them. You will be glade you did.

  • 5

    Posted by Allex Crumbley on 26th Jun 2019

    I haven't used these as much as the regular Gingher dress shears I purchased at the same time, but they are truly a joy to use. Heavy and solid, these give a beautiful crisp pink on even the lightest of fabrics, and of course have no trouble with heavy canvas or anything else I've thrown at them. Well worth the cost.

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    Gingher is Quality

    Posted by bystandersarah on 25th Jun 2019

    I bought these to replace my mom's old shears. A funny story goes along with my purchase of these shears. Back in the 1970's, my ambidextrous dad gifted a pair of shears to my right handed mom not realizing they were for left handed people. I grew up to love sewing which my mom and I both did but I always thought pinking shears were simply difficult to use. It never occurred to me that something was amiss until last year as I was visiting my mom, needing to finish a project and noticing the issue. Hilarious that we never realized after all these years! I almost called my dad to ask him what he was thinking in the 1970's! Finally, I know what a good pair of shears should feel like! These are excellent and classic! Don't get the cheap ones, buy the quality ones because it makes a difference, especially when it still cuts nicely years later. The left handed shears by Gingher still worked well after years of improper use by right handed people!

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    Real Gingher shears from Zipperstop

    Posted by alex gordon on 25th Jun 2019

    I never write reviews but I felt compelled after reading so many mixed and confusing reviews on these and other pinking shears. I did not know when I needed to replace my pinking shears it was going to be such an ordeal. Mine were super old, they were my grandmothers. They started just shredding or folding the fabric instead of cutting it. It would’ve cost me more to have them sharpened than to replace, which isn’t exactly a deal breaker but when the plastic handle broke off they really became unusable. I bought the only pair my local Joann store carried, I believe they were Fiskars, but their lower end brand I can’t remember the name. They “cut” worse than the pair I was replacing!! They’d only cut paper. So not sure why they were being sold as fabric shears. Since Joann had no other to exchange with I looked on amazon. Every pair had a mixed review! So I don’t know if some people who gave a good review were just cutting paper or what. I rolled the dice and ordered these Gingher pinking shears. BUT I carefully selected which seller I bought from. I bought from zipperstop, which I know is a legit sewing supply store in New York. My shears arrived in two days, I don’t even have prime! They were brand new, made in Italy, not factory seconds. They cut multiple layers of different types of fabric like a champ. I highly recommend these shears and zipperstop as a seller. Hope this helps you!

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    Posted by C. Varner on 25th Jun 2019

    My wife said her pinking shears were getting a bit dull, and in an absolute fit of male bravado, I decided I could sharpen them. Um, no. Scissors in general are difficult for Joe Average Non-Professional Sharpener to sharpen, and pinking shears? Forget about it. Needless to say, I ruined them, and replaced them with these. They arrived perfectly sharpened, worked like a dream, and if you listen very, very closely, you can hear them chuckling quietly to themselves at the sheer audacity C.Varner had, in trying to sharpen the old ones himself.

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    Great person to do business with..

    Posted by Patrica A. Stainbrook on 25th Jun 2019

    Product was as described, quick delivery. Would do business with again in the future!! Thanks.

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    Great Buy

    Posted by Sara E. Kissling on 24th Jun 2019

    This was much less expensive than I found elsewhere and it is a really good one.