Feather'Tilt Ergonomic Sewing Table for Featherweight Machines

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Please note - Machine not Included

The same great benefits of ergonomic sewing are now available for the very popular Singer Featherweight sewing machine. The Janome Gem portable machines also fit on the Feather'Tilt. Using a Feather'Tilt relieves neck and back pain and allows you to better see the needle area. The compact size Feather'Tilt is easy to take along to Quilting Bees, guild meetings, and classes. Laptop computer owners will find the Feather'Tilt a perfect cure for the awkard hand position and carpal tunnel symptoms that come with frequent laptop use. This is a new itme in original packaging. Fot complete ergonomic benefits, add a SureFoot system!


  • Dimensions: 9.2 x 11 x 1.8 inches
  • Provides the Tilt'able benefits for the Singer Featherweight and other small portable sewing machines
  • Improved visibility for work area
  • Perfect for sewers who wear bi/trifocal glasses
  • Great for laptops as well!


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