Fashion Sewing Cabinets Electric Cabinet Lift

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  • Fashion Sewing Cabinets Electric Cabinet Lift
  • Fashion Sewing Cabinets Electric Cabinet Lift
  • Fashion Sewing Cabinets Electric Cabinet Lift
  • Fashion Sewing Cabinets Electric Cabinet Lift
  • Fashion Sewing Cabinets Electric Cabinet Lift
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The Fashion Sewing Cabinets Electric Cabinet Lift is strong (up to 100 pound capacity*), easy to use and effortless at the touch of a switch. The new optional Auto-Stop feature makes using the lift even easier and extends the warranty to 5 years. Preset the lift to stop at the flatbed position where you would use an insert to fill the void and it will stop at that level perfectly everytime, eliminating the hassle of running it up and down until you hit the right spot. Then if you want to use your machine in the free-arm position you simply hold the switch in the up position and tap the bypass button a couple of times until it starts to go up on its own and continue holding the switch by itself until the unit stops again by itself.

Shown left and right is the current structure of the lift but the wiring is now a separate power pack that attaches to the switch.

The standard height of the lift is 23 3/4" with a total travel of 17.25" but can be customized to heights from about 19" and up. This customization may cost extra, but any extra cost will be determined on a case by case basis.

The "wings" or platform supports can be adjusted width wise but excessive bending may damage the powder coating. They typically measure 17.75 to 18" from front tip to front tip. From the back of the mounting bracket to the first edge is 3" and to the front tip is 11".

The Mounting Brackets top and bottom are 11 3/8" wide by 2 3/16" deep at the top and bottom with a back mount flange that comes down 7/8". There are three 3/16" holes across the mounting brackets on each top, bottom and the back flanges (exception: the middle holes on the back flanges are 1/4") measuring from the sides are 1/2" and the middle hole 5 11/16". The top and bottom holes are 1 7/16" from the back and the flange holes are 9/16" from the top or bottom per case.


Use a petroleum jelly such as Vaseline® to coat the exposed metal to prevent rust and keep the operation of the lift quiet. Never allow your lift to slam into the top or bottom of travel in order to get longer service out of your lift (Auto-Stop v2.0 prevents this). Check the condition and movement of cords for wear, cracking and freedom of movement. 


The electric lift is warranted for one (1) year parts and labor on electrical and moving parts; i.e. power pack, motor assembly, gear and rack, cable, switches and bearings. The addition of the Auto-Stop feature it makes the warranty five (5) years. Warranty is void if lift is misused. Lift mechanisms should be inspected for wear, alignment and function at least yearly and maintained accordingly to prevent failure. A failure of the lift could result in a vertical fall. Failure to maintain proper function of your lift may result in other damages for which we are not responsible.

  • Life of lift diminishes slightly with increased load and frequency of use, which cause increased wear on parts.

*** Please Note*** Cabinet lifts do not include installation instructions. These manufacturers would rather sell their cabinets opposed to their lifts and different applications would require different instructions. We recommend that someone with good wood working skills install these.

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2 Reviews

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    If you could program stop positions, it would be perfect!

    Posted by Rebecca on 10th Feb 2013

    This electric sewing machine lift was very straightforward and easy to install, and it easily handles the weight of my 30 pound Bernina 750 QE sewing machine. I only wish I had the capability to program stop positions with this lift -- for completely recessed, flatbed, and freearm positions. It's mildly annoying to push the button and have the machine go slightly too high or too low, then push the other direction and over-correct, etc. Still, I'm loving this lift WAY better than the horrid Rockler airlift I had previously. I used to have to lean my weight on top of the machine to get that other lift to work, and it was such a pain that I just avoided moving the machine altogether.

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    Reberts Electric Lift

    Posted by Bonnie Hankins on 19th Jan 2012

    We replaced our old electric lift. I was surprised that the other one broke. It was only 7 years old. My husband had no problem putting on the new one.

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