Extended Warranties

Sew Vac Direct Warranty Enhancement Plans


Sew Vac Direct is proud to offer our customers a comprehensive warranty enhancement plan on items that we sell. Sew Vac Direct is one of the largest sewing and vacuum dealers in the United States. We are located in Bryan, Texas. We offer 2 year, 3 year, and 5 year warranty enhancement plans.

Why get a Sew Vac Direct warranty enhancement plan?

  • We provide protection on items that are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty, including Power Surge Protection.
  • We will protect your product after the manufacturer's warranty expires. You will have peace of mind knowing your product will be protected.
  • We cover parts and labor needed to repair mechanical or electrical failure or defects in your covered product. If the product cannot be repaired, it will be replaced.
  • Prior to the expiration of each agreement you'll have the opportunity to keep your warranty plan in full force. It stands to reason the longer you continue to own the product, the more valuable the security of your warranty plan becomes. Also, there is no charge to transfer to a new owner in case you should sell the covered product. These plans add to the resale value of the covered product.
  • We protect you wherever you go in the United States. As long as your product is covered, you'll be totally protected from costly repair bills.

Full Terms and Conditions

DEFINITIONS: "You" and "Your" indicates the purchaser of this service contract or the person to whom it was properly transferred. "Administrator" indicates Sew Vac Direct, provider of services under the service contract. "Service Contract" indicates the terms and conditions, limitations, exceptions and exclusions included herein and constitute the entire agreement. Rights under this Service Contract may vary from state to state.

TERM AND COVERAGE: The term of the Service Contract commences at the date of purchase of the eligible covered product(s) and is inclusive of the manufacturer's warranty. This Service Contract does not replace the manufacturer's warranty, but provides certain additional benefits during the term of the manufacturer's warranty. After the manufacturer's warranty expires, this Service Contract continues to provide the manufacturer's benefits as well as certain additional benefits listed within this Service Contract. There is no deductible for this Service Contract.

IF YOU NEED SERVICE: Call 1-800-229-8889 and have Your Service Contract order number available. Service will be available Mon. - Fri. 8:30am to 5:30pm and Sat. 9am to 1pm central time. The Administrator may perform a telephone diagnosis of the product failure. If Your covered product is deemed defective, at the Administrator's sole determination, You will be instructed as to the procedures for obtaining service applicable to Your covered product. You may be asked to provide proof of purchase as a condition for receiving service under this Service Contract. YOUR ORIGINAL PURCHASE RECEIPT SHOULD BE KEPT WITH THIS SERVICE CONTRACT IN A SAFE PLACE.

WHAT IS COVERED: Subject to the terms and conditions of the Service Contract, service performed under the Service Contract shall consist of labor and parts necessary to restore Your product to normal operating condition. The Service Contract provides coverage for the repair or replacement (as applicable) of the covered product resulting from failures that occur during normal use and operation in accordance with the manufacturer's written specifications. Your product must be readily accessible in order for service to be performed. The Service Contract provides coverage only for the product(s) listed on Your schedule page and/or sales receipt.

POWER SURGE PROTECTION: This service contract protects against operational or mechanical failure of a covered product resulting from a power surge, while properly connected to a surge protector approved by the Underwriter's Laboratory. Your surge protector may be collected by the Administrator for examination.

LEMON COVERAGE: If after the manufacturer's warranty period expires, Your covered product fails three (3) times due to the same parts failure, on an individual product, and that product requires a fourth repair, as determined by the Administrator, the Administrator will replace the failed product with a product of like kind and similar features or the Administrator may elect to pay You a cash settlement. The cash settlement amount shall not exceed the actual cash value of the covered product in operating condition at the time of the claim excluding taxes. You may be required to return the original defective product to the Administrator at Your expense. Replacement of a covered product or payment of a cash settlement will fulfill this agreement in its entirety and will cancel and discharge further obligations under the Service Contract, where allowed by law. Preventative maintenance checks, cleanings, product diagnosis, customer education, accessory repairs or replacements are not considered repairs for the purposes of the No Lemon Coverage.

SERVICE LOCATION: In the event that You need repair on your product please call 800-229-8889. The administrator will provide you a return authorization number for the repair needed. Then you will ship the product to the repair center. The covered product will then be repaired and returned to you in a timely matter at no cost to you. If for any reason the covered product needs addition service that is not covered by the warranty enhancement plan a representative for the Administrator will call you to advise you of these cost before any repairs are completed. When sending Your product to the repair center please include a detailed explanation of the problem that the product is having.

SERVICE CONTRACT LIMITS OF LIABILITY; AGGREGATE LIMIT: The total payment(s) for all claims under this contract shall not exceed the actual cash value of the covered product or system in operating condition at the time of the claim excluding taxes.

REPLACEMENT OPTION: At the Administrator's sole option, Your covered product may be replaced with a new or reconditioned product of like kind and similar features. The price of the replacement product shall not exceed the retail purchase price of the original covered product. The Administrator's responsibility is to replace Your product with a product of similar features, capacity and/or efficiency. The Administrator will not be responsible for product upgrades, matching brand or color or for any modifications or construction that may be necessary as a condition of service. If the Administrator elects to replace rather than repair Your covered product and a replacement product as described above is not available, the Administrator will pay You a cash settlement. The cash settlement amount shall not exceed the actual cash value of the covered product in operating condition at the time of the claim excluding taxes. You may be required to return the original defective product to the Administrator at Your expense. Replacement of a covered product or payment of a cash settlement will fulfill this agreement in its entirety and will cancel and discharge further obligations under the Service Contract, where allowed by law.

YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES UNDER THE SERVICE CONTRACT: For the Service Contract to remain valid and active, You must maintain Your covered product in accordance with the requirements set forth by the manufacturer's specifications, including maintenance and cleaning. You must provide proper electrical requirements as specified by the manufacturer. You must assure full cooperation with the Administrator and authorized service provider during any telephone diagnosis and repair of the covered product including accessibility of the covered product.


  1. Any new products with less than an original ninety (90) day manufacturer's parts and labor limited warranty and/or refurbished products.
  2. Consumer replaceable items including but not limited to; light bulbs, replaceable fluids, hoses, belts, bags, batteries, presser feet, bobbins, or any other parts or materials which are designed to be consumed during the life of the product.
  3. Failures of the following non-operational components such as but not limited to: cabinetry and cabinet frames, decorative finishing, door liners, glass, handles, knobs, racks, rollers, software, media and cosmetic damage.
  4. Damage resulting from unauthorized repair; damage caused during delivery that was not noted at time of delivery, improper installation, or setup; user facilitated minor adjustments and settings outlined in the product's owners manual; inaccessible products or parts; negligence, misuse or abuse.
  5. Failures due to corrosion, rust, dust, animal or insect damage; Acts of God such as fire, water, windstorm, sand, dirt, hail or earthquake; civil disorders; riot; nuclear accident; accidental physical damage by any external cause; malicious mischief; theft or vandalism.
  6. Your failure to follow the instructions described in the product's owner's manual, manufacturer's recommended maintenance procedures, requirements and misuse or abuse of the product.
  7. Any service request, which results in customer education or no problem found diagnosis.
  8. Failure, inoperability, or disruption of any product or product functions due to any manufacturer recall.
  9. Products used for commercial purposes, public usage, rental, or communal use in multi-family housing, Use of a product for these purposes or in these settings will void this Service Contract.
  10. Conditions, which existed prior to Your purchase and delivery of the product or the Service Contract. Special, indirect, incremental, or consequential damages; loss of use.
  11. Any service request or situation which may pose a health risk to the Administrator's technicians, including but not limited to insect infestation, mold, or fungus; whether or not such circumstances were a result of a covered failure.
  12. Any cost associated with removing added on items that inhibit the repair of Your product.
  13. Loss or damage to stored data, loss or damage due to computer viruses and computer hardware or software that is added after the original purchase date as indicated on your sales receipt.

REPLACEMENT PARTS: In connection with the repair service for a covered product as provided under this Service Contract, the authorized service provider or its designee, at its sole discretion, may use replacement parts which are new or rebuilt parts that perform to the factory operational specifications of the product. The use of non-original manufacturer parts is permitted under the Service Contract.

AVAILABILITY OF SERVICE AND DELAYS: Service will normally be available during the normal work hours and workdays of the Administrator’s technicians. The Administrator will make a reasonable effort to provide timely service or repair of Your product, however The Administrator cannot be held liable for service delays beyond the Administrator's control or any damages that may arise out of delays including but not limited to consequential damages. In the event that Your service is delayed more than thirty (30) business days, the expiration date of Your Service Contract will be extended by the repair time in excess of thirty (30) days. In the case of an emergency outside normal working hours, reasonable efforts will be made to expedite service for those situations.

MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY: Parts and services covered during the manufacturer's warranty period are the responsibility of the manufacturer as described under the manufacturer's expressed warranty. The Administrator may cover other parts and services not covered by the manufacturer's warranty and as described in the Service Contract. The Administrator will refer You to the manufacturer for parts and services covered under the manufacturer's warranty.

RENEWALS: The Administrator may, at their option, renew Your Service Contract. The Administrator is not required or obligated to offer You another Service Contract. In the event You are offered a renewal Service Contract, You will be notified of the terms and conditions and the Service Contract fees that will apply to the renewal.

TRANSFER: This Service Contract may be transferred to an eligible party to whom You sell or give the equipment while this Service Contract is in force. This may be accomplished only if You notify the Administrator by mail with the name and address of the new owner within 15 days of the change of ownership.

CANCELLATION: You may cancel this contract for any reason at any time. To cancel Your Service Contract, contact the Administrator at 800-229-8889 or by mail at: 700 South Bryan Ave, Bryan, Texas 77803. If You cancel this Service Contract within the first thirty (30) days after receipt of this Service Contract You will receive a full refund, less any claims paid, where allowed by law. If You cancel after the first thirty (30) days from receipt of this Service Contract, You will receive a pro rata refund based on the time remaining on Your Service Contract, less an administrative fee, not to exceed ten percent (10%) of the price of the Service Contract or twenty-five dollars ($25.00), whichever is less, and less any claims paid, where allowed by law. If the Administrator cancels the Service Contract, You will be refunded the unearned pro rata purchase price of the Service Contract, less any claims paid, where allowed by law. If this Service Contract was inadvertently sold to You on a product which was not intended to be covered by this Service Contract, the Administrator will cancel this Service Contract and return the full purchase price of the Service Contract to You. The Administrator may cancel this Service Contract at its option on the basis of fraud or misrepresentation. This warranty enhancement plan is not a contract of insurance; however the obligation under this Service Contract are guaranteed by Sew Vac Direct a division of Texas Sew Wares, Inc.