Dritz My Double Deluxe Dressform - Small (20405)

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Now you too can get the same results as a professional seamstress with a Dritz 20405 My Double Deluxe Dress Form from Prym-Dritz®. Dritz Dressforms are completely adjustable and made to withstand years of measuring and sewing projects. The rich colors of Dritz Dressforms look great in your sewing room. Dressforms are the perfect gift for the sewing enthusiast!

Uses for Dressforms:

  • Check the drape of fabric. Is it suitable for the pattern you have selected?
  • Style an outfit by draping coordinating fabrics together.
  • Fit a tissue pattern.
  • Check the placement of darts, pockets and buttonholes.
  • Establish the position of collars and lapels.
  • Position lace, trims, ribbons and appliques on garments.
  • Check or plan the placement for machine embroidery designs.
  • Pin sleeves in position to adjust the fit.
  • Check the placement of shoulder pads.
  • Check the ease and hang of a lining.
  • Fit and hang wedding gowns as you sew.
  • Mark hems.
  • Fit pants and shorts on the "My Double DeLuxe."
  • Accessorize your completed outfit!
  • Use when sewing for others - adjustments can constantly be changed.
  • In your Bedroom - A dressform makes an ideal Clothes Organizer.
  • It's great for planning outfits and checking what goes together!
  • Use to restore the shape of a jacket or dress after wearing it!
  • Fun place to display and store hats, beads and scarves.


  • Small size: 33"-41"(bust), 26"-34"(waist), 36"-44"'(hips), 14"-16"(back waist length, 13 1/2" +(neck).
  • Off-set center pole for hanging pants. Shaped hips, bottom and thighs for fitting pants
  • Longer pole to accommodate taller women, wedding dresses and evening gowns
  • Extended shoulder for supporting and setting in sleeves. 12 rotating dial wheels at bust, waist and hips
  • Adjustments can be made in precise increments. Adjustable back waist length
  • Adjustable neck with pincushion. Pin hem marker. Foam-backed nylon cover for easy pinning and marking
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41 Reviews

  • 4

    Posted by Anonymous on 12th Jan 2012

    The directions leave some to be desired. I found I had to measure the bust, because the dials were not accurate. Or maybe the directions just didn't explain the settings well enough. I despise picture explanations. Words work much better. After all, you want my feedback in words, right?

  • 4
    My Double Deluxe

    Posted by Anonymous on 12th Jan 2012

    I am very happy with my purchase. The dress form was exactly what I expected. I did have some difficulty tracking my order because I was given a tracking number for UPS shipping but my order actually came by FedEx. The dress form took less than five days to get to me, was easily assembled and I had my first project finished within the next five days! Two more projects and I will consider my dress form paid for!

  • 3

    Posted by Sandra Geanoulis on 12th Jan 2012

    I am working with the dress form now and hope that the dialed in dimensions I adjusted to are correct. I did have to add a stuffed bra in order to get the bust measurement close. I expected that since my measurements were less than the Small form and close or over on the Medium form. My concern is actually around the height I can extend it to. I am 5'8" tall and the dress form seems only to adjust to about 5' 6". If I cannot find or create an extension rod I will have to put the form on a box for those times I need to make a full length skirt or pants. The other concern is the back waist length. My length from nape to waist is 17" and I can not stretch the form any longer than 16". I pretty much knew that going in and will have to keep that in mind when I adjust my patterns. Overall I am satisfied with the form and have had a much easier time fitting my patterns without the aid of my long suffering husband.

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    In a few words, please title your review

    Posted by Ashley on 12th Jan 2012

    Very fast shipping and a great product. Thanks!

  • 5
    Dress Form

    Posted by S. Craig on 12th Jan 2012

    I've never worked with a dress form before, but now won't be without it. It's perfect for my home use and fits my budget nicely. Takes a little time to get it set but once set, stays in place great.

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