No matter what type of sewing you do, there are a few important tools you’ll always need - high-quality cutters and cutting mats, and precision rulers to use with them because the basis of every sewing project you make starts with the fabric and how precisely it is measured and cut! At Sew Vac Direct, you can find a huge assortment of the measuring and cutting tools you need to make perfect fabric cuts every time so your projects stitch up perfectly:

  • Large Selection of Rotary Cutters - From the very basic cutters to specialty ones designed for different fabrics and edges in every size you could need!
  • Cutting Mats for Rotary Cutters - Self-healing cutting mats to protect your cutting blade and cutting surface in sizes small enough for detail work or large enough to cover your entire table!
  • Quilt Rulers of All Kinds - A huge selection of clear acrylic quilt rulers, squares, grids, triangles, and other templates to help you make the necessary precise measurements for all your projects!

When you have a good selection of tools like rotary cutters, cutting mats, and different rulers and templates in your sewing tool kit, the sky’s the limit in what beautiful things you can create with your sewing machine! Here at Sew Vac Direct, we’ve been helping sewists complete projects with brand-name sewing and quilting machines, tools, and accessories for more than 25 years. We carry a huge variety of products by highly regarded names in sewing, bringing you the items you need to get top-notch results with all your sewing projects! Fabric Cutters, Cutting Mats, and Rulers - Just What You Need from Sew Vac Direct!

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