Compact Flash Reader/Writer Kit for Embroidery Machines With PCMCIA Card Slot

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  • Compact Flash Reader/Writer Kit for Embroidery Machines With PCMCIA Card Slot
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  • 64MB CompactFlash Card
  • USB CompactFlash Reader/Writer
  • PCMCIA Card Adapter


Included is a 64MB CompactFlash memory card to store your embroidery designs. With the USB CompactFlash Reader/Writer, you will be able to download designs from the internet and save them to the memory card. With the PC Card adapter, you will be able use the designs on Embroidery Machines with a PCMCIA Style card slot.


  • Windows 98(requires driver install) and up
  • Pentium II or better
  • 15MB Hard Drive Space
  • 64 MB RAM or better
  • VGA video (800 × 600 high color)
  • USB port
  • CD Rom

How do I format my Janome 9500 ATA memory card?

  • Place your your compact flash card in the ATA adapter.
  • Make sure your sewing machine is turned off.
  • Place the adapter and card in the sewing machine, and then turn it on.
  • Press the set button on the right side of your machine's display screen. (This is one of the permanent buttons that is always there.)
  • When a new section comes up at the bottom of the screen, there is a page turn key. One button turns the page forward, and one turns it backward. Press the backward button one time.
  • In the middle of the screen, there is a line of text that says, "Format ATA card". Press the yes button.
  • A message will come up that says, "All data on card will be erased." When you see this, press OK
  • You will see two symbols on your screen. One is a circle with a mark through the center telling you not to turn the machine off. The other is a similar symbol telling you to not eject the card. When these are gone, the machine goes back to the normal screen that was there.
  • Once this is done, turn off the machine and eject the card out of the machine. The card is now formatted and ready for use.
  • There are now two files on the card. One is an EMB F5 file, and one is an ORD F5 file. When you download designs to the card, you will put them in the EMB F5 file. This is the file the machine looks into for the designs.
  • When you put designs on the card, make sure they are in the .JEF format. This is the only format the machine recognizes. If you have different size designs, they will be put on different pages, so always look to see if there are more designs on additional pages.
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2 Reviews

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    Posted by Sherry Strickland on 12th Jan 2012

    I can't use the card because I don't have a customizer to go with it. I didn't know thast it was required. Please send me a copy of how to order one? Thank you.

  • 3

    Posted by JANOME 9000 on 12th Jan 2012

    No comment

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