A highly convenient and helpful component found in a useful sewing cabinet is a mechanized machine lift that raises and lowers the sewing machine within the cabinet. The value of a machine lift is that it gives you the ability to easily switch from free arm to flatbed sewing mode and back again in seconds plus it lets you stow your machine for safekeeping when you’re not using it with the mere press of a button or some light pressure on the lift table. Whether you have an older cabinet that doesn’t have a lift mechanism or need to replace yours, Sew Vac Direct has a large supply of sewing cabinet lifts to install right into yours! Available in electric motorized style or airlift hydraulic style, Sew Vac Direct carries machine lift mechanisms made by Horn, Sylvia Designs, and Fashion Cabinets to replace one that no longer works or turn your current lift-less cabinet into your dream cabinet with a helpful machine lift. Once you’ve used a sewing cabinet lift, you won’t know how you lived without it. Electric and airlift machine lifts provide sturdy support for sewing machines of all sizes so you can raise, lower, and stow your machine without the difficulty of using a manual lift. They also offer you more accurate positioning when installation height is adjusted for specific machines.

Sew Vac Direct sells standard lifts for most cabinets and machines, extra-tall lifts for maneuvering larger, taller machines, and heavy-duty lifts to handle sewing machine models with a little extra weight. Serving the professional and hobby sewing community for more than two and a half decades, Sew Vac Direct is your one-stop mail order shop for everything you need! Make Sewing Easier With A Sewing Cabinet Lift Thru Sew Vac Direct!

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    Americana Electric Lift Package Americana Electric Lift Package Americana Electric Lift Package Americana Electric Lift Package Americana Electric Lift Package

    Americana Electric Lift Package

    Maneuver your sewing machine with the touch of a button with the Americana Electric Lift Package! Easily program your lift to automatically stop at three locations for the perfect position at the push of a button. The lift provides a solid platform for...

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