Melco Bravo Embroidery Machines

Melco Bravo Embroidery Machines


Professional Embroidery Machines - Discover Melco Bravo Embroidery Machines at Sew Vac Direct!

A leading name in professional caliber embroidery machines, Melco’s Bravo line is perfect for the advanced hobby embroiderer or those with small embroidery businesses.

Bravo machines offer you the same capabilities as the factory machines in a model that’s more affordable and easier to use!

Bravo embroidery machines by Melco give you stunning 16-needle embroidering, high-speed stitching, and the advanced features necessary for beautiful and precise embroidery without being bogged down by the complex workings of a commercial machine.

Bravo embroidery machines include Melco technology software which is designed for user-friendliness and producing amazing, professional-quality results.

Using an easy threading feature plus Melco Acti-Feed thread feeding and automatic tension control system, machine embroidering has never been quicker or easier.

Melco Bravo machines are designed to take the guesswork out of machine embroidery so you can keep up with your production demands without the aggravation that comes with many other machines.

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We are dedicated to bringing you the most favored brands in sewing and embroidery at the most competitive prices!

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