Bernette Sergers

Bernette Sergers


Bernette Sergers - A Great Name In Serger Machines!  

If you enjoy sewing clothing, bags, or other items that require a strong, sturdy seam, there are two ways you could make one.

You could use the overlock stitch on your regular sewing machine if it has one or you could use a Bernette serger machine.

Why choose the serger even if your regular machine has an overlock stitch?

Because a true overlock stitch done with a serger machine is made using thread loopers that intertwine multiple threads, something your standard sewing machine can’t do.

The benefit of using a serger is having a seam that stays together and won’t unravel or fray like the one made on a regular sewing machine.

Bernette is a leading name in serger machines, offering a line of models from the very basic for the beginner to advanced models designed for the more experienced sewist.

Using a Bernette serger from Sew Vac Direct, anyone can make strong, reliable seams no matter what type of project they are sewing.

Sew Vac Direct has been selling sergers and sewing machines of all types for more than 25 years.

We sell only the best brands at affordable prices and stand by every machine we sell.

Great for making professional seams that stay together, no sewing room is complete without a Bernette serger!

Make Sturdy Seams With A Bernette Serger from Sew Vac Direct!