Arrow 98702 Bertha Cherry Large Opening Airlift Cabinet & Extension

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One of Arrow’s most popular sewing cabinets, the Arrow Bertha offers sewists the perfect option for larger sewing and embroidery machines with the space and features they need. The beautiful cherry model fits nicely with any home decor, making it a great investment for sewists who spend many hours in front of their machines.

The Bertha cabinet by Arrow was designed to fit the larger home embroidery and sewing machines available today that don’t fit in many other cabinets. It has an EZ-lift airlift that can handle up to 45 pounds while supporting the machine in different positions. It will hold a machine in flatbed or free arm position or fold it down under the table for storage, all with just a little push.

The airlift will hold the machine at varying heights to accommodate each individual sewist, allowing for the greatest comfort. With its great adjustability and the way it positions the needle correctly in front of the sewist, the Bertha cabinet helps to prevent neck, back, and arm strain.

Additional features of the Bertha sewing cabinet include large fold-out leafs on either side of the machine for ample workspace and a rear quilt leaf that extends an additional 5 feet behind the machine to prevent bunching and pulling of larger projects.

The doors hold 4 storage compartments each, providing plenty of convenient space for sewing tools, notions, accessories, and machine parts and fold closed to hide everything. When closed up and with the machine in storage, the Bertha looks like an attractive piece of furniture.

The Bertha sewing cabinet can accommodate many sewing and embroidery machines up to 22-9/16" wide, 11-3/4" deep, and 14-1/2" tall including the knobs. It also has a cutout in the front for knee lifters. In addition, there are optional custom inserts available shaped to specific machines for a more tailored fit.

The Arrow Bertha 98702 in cherry is made from composite structures with cherry wood grain laminate and durable locking casters for easy maneuvering. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions and can be put together quickly using only a few standard household tools.

This product is warranted by Arrow against manufacturer's defects for three years from the date of shipping from the supplier. It is also covered for 15 days after arrival for any damage incurred during shipping.

The Arrow Bertha Cabinet in Beautiful Cherry - The Perfect Workspace for Your Sewing and Quilting Projects!

Cabinet Dimensions, Weight and Color

  • Open:84" Wide x 39 3/4" Deep (quilt leaf extended)x 30 1/2" High
  • Closed:42" Wide x 19 3/4" Deep x 31 1/2" High
  • Ships in 3 boxes.
  • Weight: 146 lbs

Manufacturer’s Warranty

The manufacturer Arrow’s warranty is three years from the date of shipment from Arrow’s facility that covers manufacturer’s defects and a 15-day warranty for any shipping damages.

Click or follow link for Arrow’s complete warranty information:


Arrow 98702 Bertha Cherry Large Opening Airlift Cabinet & Extension

Arrow's Bertha shown here in cherry model 702, was made to fit today's large and heavy sewing and embroidery machines. Her airlift holds a 45 pound machine and will move your sewing machine up and down effortlessly into 3 positions: freearm, flatbed and storage. We have also included the quilt leaf for the back of the cabinet. The leaf will increase your workspace behind the unit, so fragile quilts won't fall on the floor as you pass them through the machine. The leaf slides along a metal rod behind the cabinet for custom positioning to the left of your machine. The two doors on Bertha have a total of 8 storage trays for all your sewing accessories. A cut out in the front allows for machine knee lifters to be used comfortably. Sew with correct posture avoiding stress on your hands, back and neck in any position by sitting in front of your needle for center needle sewing. Curious if your large machine will fit Bertha? The opening will accommodate sewing machines no larger then 22-9/16" wide x 11-3/4" front to back (deep) x 14-1/2" tall.Bertha will fit the new Bernina 830 Viking Sapphire and Babylock Ellisimo.


  • Sew in any position.
  • EZ-Lift air mechanism lets you sew flatbed or free-arm at any height. Also provides easy, effortless storage with a simple push and holds a 45lb. machine!
  • Made to fit new larger heavier sewing and embroidery machines. Opening accommodates machines up to 22 9/16" W x 11 3/4" deep.
  • Sew comfortably with correct posture avoiding stress on your hands, back, and neck in any position by sitting in front of your needle for center needle sewing.
  • Quilt leaf included, extends your work area another 5 square feet behind the cabinet. Your seam construction can be longer and straighter using the quilt leaf because larger fabric won't bunch on the floor and drag your needle.
  • Cut out in front allows for machine knee lifters to be used comfortably.
  • Plenty of storage with 8 notion trays on the inside of the doors.
  • Durable design with composite construction and wood grain laminates.
  • Full cabinet doors conceal the sewing machine and sewing accessories - quilt leaf folds up on back of cabinet, so when fully closed the cabinet is neat and compact.
  • Locking casters for excellent portability and stability.
  • Assembly is a snap! Requires a standard screwdriver, adjustable wrench and hammer/mallet.
  • Includes easy-to-follow instructions, plus a friendly toll-free help number.
  • Special Note: Optional Custom Inserts Are Shaped To Fit Around YOUR Machine (Multiple Inserts Can Be Purchased Separately If You Have Multiple Machines)

Cabinet Dimensions, Weight and Color

  • Open:84" Wide x 39 3/4" Deep (quilt leaf extended)x 30 1/2" High
  • Closed:42" Wide x 19 3/4" Deep x 31 1/2" High
  • Ships in 3 boxes.
  • Weight: 146 lbs

Manufacturers Warranty

1 Year Replacement on Defective or Missing Parts. Warranty Bonus! Once you receive your new Arrow sewing cabinet log onto the Arrow Cabinet manufacturers website, fill out the online survey and they will Double Your Warranty!


Sewing Supply

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17 Reviews

  • 4
    Bertha Cherry Sewing Cabinet

    Posted by David Mardis on 10th Jan 2020

    Excellent product. My wife loves it. The instructions were difficult to follow. I recommend to read and re-read each step. Maybe use a Highlighter to make sure you don't overlook some of the steps that were embedded in paragraphs. If you carefully following the instructions the assembly is easy. All the parts fit perfectly and every wood part and metal parts were there. The only problem so far is the lift mechanism is sticking but working on that. The customer service representatives was quickly available and very knowledgeable for assistance. The only reason I didn't give a 5 star was due to the instructions being difficult to follow. I would strongly recommend this product and the manufacturer.

  • 5
    Very efficient built cabinet

    Posted by Mari-Lynn Daugherty on 13th Dec 2018

    Not too hard to put together but then my husband is a builder. really nice look and easy to use.

  • 5
    Sewing Cabinet

    Posted by Mary Emma Middleton on 13th Dec 2018

    Love it - waiting for the insert - customer service was wonderful and helpful. All the parts were in 3 boxes - engineer son put it together (with his Dad's help) and I am so pleased to finally have a table that will handle all my projects.

  • 5
    Great Cabinet for Sewing and Layout

    Posted by GMYDOC on 12th Dec 2018

    Great cabinet well built takes a while to assemble.

  • 5
    Very happy with my purchase.

    Posted by Jeanette Larson on 12th Dec 2018

    Nice sturdy cabinet. Machine lift work great. My husband and I put it together. Took longer then I thought it would. Two back panel pieces, was not clear if cams go facing in or out. Face them out so when you open cabinet it is finished on the inside. Cams will be against wall. This will make assembly quicker. Very happy with my purchase. Also the delivery time was as promised.

  • 5
    In spite of the negative comments regarding the poor assembly instructions

    Posted by Elizabeth Beech on 12th Dec 2018

    In spite of the negative comments regarding the poor assembly instructions, I ordered it anyway, trusting that my husband and I would be able to put it together. It took us about 4 hours using the video step by step directions. The biggest complaint was some of the pre-drilled holes were too small and the screws stripped out constantly. Other than that it was fairly straightforward. The cabinet is attractive and just as described. I bought it mainly for the quilting features. There is not much storage, just those little plastic bins on the doors. So far I am enjoying using it, especially being able to sew flat. My Janome MC 6300 chassis does not have a free arm. As for the insert, after balancing my machine on the lift platform, we took some measurements, made a cardboard template, and, after making sure of the fit, took it to TAP Plastics and made one for less than $40 in 1 day.

  • 5
    Warning: Can Cause a Divorce

    Posted by Michelle on 11th Dec 2018

    This thing can cause a divorce. I'm a millennial and thought it would be easy enough to assemble myself - I imagined the directions were written for the elderly and I could skirt past the parts that needed extra muscle. Nope, I had to call in my husband for some difficult parts - like flipping the thing over twice and drilling on the doors. This is when he took the liberty to analyze every step and question all my work. Not good for a marriage when the directions are bare-boned in the first place. After ordering a whole bunch of unnecessary-around-the-house tools that added up to $100, and taking time to learn how to operate a drill and wrench off YouTube, I was prepared for allocating two hours to assemble this beast. Wrong - think maybe 3 or 4 evenings, if you pace yourself. There were several times my husband was sent off pouting and I was left feeling like a jerk with a drill in my hand. OMG - They didn't pack in all the screws we frustrating!! Home Depot trip? Add another night for assembly. You'll need a very very large space to open everything out and assemble, especially with two bodies in the room. Don't expect to play music in the background, you'll need every ounce of concentration. I had to take the unit apart twice because the directions were "backwards and unclear," (is this even possible?) and I had drilled a couple items upside down or inside out. The video kind of helps but that too, is dated and unclear on some parts, you'll definitely need to follow the instructions because the video skips some steps and explanations. I nearly panicked - Don't forget to save cardboard and styrofoam to "lift" the front of the cabinet...why the styrofoam is needed is beyond my understanding because it didn't accomplish anything, which is another opportunity to start arguing with a husband. In the end, I am admiring my cabinet, it's functional and tucks away. I bought this for a Bernina 830 for my California vacation home - I needed something that could help transform a premium ocean view space for visitors who may stay over. Since it's not my full time residence, I didn't want to invest in a Koala. The machine fits and holds steady. I was weary of operating the lift but after several attempts, you'll warm up to how it operates. My husband said, "next time, we are getting a preassembled Koala." He did mention that this Arrow cabinet was high quality for the price.'s your labor they are counting on for this to be a success. In the end, this led me to another interest in a hobby other than sewing, and that is, woodworking. But after stripped screws, missing pieces, and arguments with the hubby, I decided quiet and peaceful sewing is just the perfect hobby for a happy marriage and a sound mind.

  • 5
    Assembly is lengthy, cabinet is quite large

    Posted by Katie V. on 11th Dec 2018

    For the money this is a great sewing cabinet. After using it a few months I think I've recovered from the assembly process. That is the most painful part of this item. What they don't tell you is that you need metric socket wrenches to assemble this cabinet. You also need at least two people to put it together. The directions included in the box are not explicit and leave much to be desired. Many times we'd have to read them over and over, watch the assembly video from the Arrow website and then hope we had it right because they didn't show how some things needed to be attached, which screws went with which part, how something should be facing....etc. It was a painful experience. They really need to hire someone to help them re-write the assembly instructions. The video is somewhat helpful but I also found certain parts of it lacking. It didn't follow the same steps as the written directions which can be confusing and they didn't show how some things should have been attached. Once we got everything put together it works well. The only issue I have now is that the cabinet doors don't want to stay open. I need to make beanbag doorstops to hold them open. It probably has something to do with the way we attached the hinges, I don't know. My machine fits very well in the cabinet. I have a large sewing/embroidery machine combo (Husqvarna Viking Topaz 20) and there is plenty of room for it. I ordered a custom acrylic insert for the machine that works very well. The cabinet has minimal vibration when sewing and quilting at high speeds. The airlift is wonderful! It's so nice to be able to bring my machine up level with the rest of the desk to do embroidery and then lower it down when I want to sew. The only thing I wish it came with was an insert for when you want the table to just have a flush surface without the sewing machine being up there. I guess they assume you'd just close the leafs. I love how large it is. Tons of room to all sorts of stuff on the top and lots of surface area to support large quilts. My laptop fits nicely to the right of my machine and I use it for embroidery and watching movies while I sew. Something I never thought I'd really use were the trays in the cabinet doors. I'm finding I'm using them more often keeping small tools in them without having to hold them on top of the desk in a basket. When I fully re-organize my sewing room I'll probably utilize them more. I'd recommend this to someone that has a handy husband or friend to help them put it together. It's a good sewing cabinet when you get past the hell of assembling it.

  • 5
    perfect solution for small spaces

    Posted by Mike Shoffner Sr. on 11th Dec 2018

    as advertised: perfect solution for small spaces. one door damaged upon receipt and they replaced it with new door in a couple of days.