Uniquely You Your Shape Pinnable Dressform - Petite

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  • Uniquely You Your Shape Pinnable Dressform - Petite
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Made In The USA With All USA Made Parts!

It is unique for a few reasons, the most obvious being that it is soft. It is made of high-density foam that allows you to pin into it easily, great for the sewer who uses the draping technique of pattern drafting. Being made of foam means it is ideal for use by corset makers as it can be squeezed and shaped much like the human body.

Uniquely You Dressform includes a cover as well!

To select the proper dress form and cover size:

  1. Take the measurements over under garments at the fullest part of hip and bust to the closest half-inch.
  2. Select your form size according to hip measurement.
  3. Then select your cover size according to your bust measurement. The chart applies even if you are short-waist (half-size) or long waist.
  4. Find your cover size across from your form size and select below.
Form SizeHip Meas.Waist Meas.Cover SizeBust Measurement
Petite 29" to 34" 22" to 27" 1
29" to 31"
32" to 33"
34" to 35"


  • Made of durable, soft polyurethane (also known as foam rubber)
  • Pre-constructed cover/shell included
  • Adjustable to your height for hemming
  • Turns a full 360 degrees
  • Realistic bust with adjustable "bust string" to obtain natural cleavage
  • Several women can use the same form with the use of individual covers
  • Should you change size, simply re-adjust the cover seams to fit your new shape
  • Solutions for long and short waist sewing problems
  • Smooth, non-broken body sewing surface
  • Consumer accepted for 23 years
  • Pre-constructed cover can easily be adjusted to your shape
  • Your personal cover provides accurate measurements for flat pattern alterations
  • The cover is zipped onto the pre-shaped body form and becomes your twin because it compresses to fill the shape of the cover
  • Ultra durable - you can hem on it, steam press on it, pin it, drape on it, baste on it, design and tailor on it

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7 Reviews

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    Uniquely You Your Shape Pinnable Dressform - Petite

    Posted by Guest on 1st Jun 2017

    To be fair, I can't actually review the item itself. Why? Because after being quick to immediately charge me, SewVacDirect refused to send me the item.
    What happened was, I called in to place to order, and when they placed the order, they said that it was approved by my bank, but that they couldn't complete the order because the billing address didn't match the shipping address. (Which doesn't make sense to me, since literally every place I've ever shopped online has no problem with me buying a gift and shipping it across the country, which is DEFINITELY different from my billing address.) Well, I moved recently and hadn't updated my billing address yet. So, WHILE STILL ON THE PHONE WITH THE REP, I logged into my account and updated my billing address. (I would like to point out that while in my bank account, I could see that I had been charged for the dress form.) They said they would call the bank and confirm, and then call me back. I ended up calling them back when it was nearly their closing time. They then told me that they had confirmed that the billing address was updated, BUT THEY WERE STILL NOT GOING TO SEND ME THE DRESS FORM I ALREADY PAID FOR BECAUSE THE BILLING AND SHIPPING DIDN'T MATCH WHEN I FIRST CALLED. I offered to pay through Paypal or any other means they wanted, but as the manager Alan himself told me, "We're just not going to do it." And now since the price of the item has suddenly spiked and most other websites no longer sell it, and those who do get them from SewVacDirect, I have had the price of the item taken from my account, and still have no way of getting it. As a thin, petite woman will wide hips, my proportions are very non-standard and this dress form was literally my only option. This was absolutely the worst, most nonsensical customer service I have ever experienced, and I am beyond infuriated. SewVacDirect can be assured that if I am not refunded the full price in a week, I will be filing a dispute.

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    Love it, some critique

    Posted by Jessie bower on 19th Jan 2012

    In really love my new dress form. Everything about her is fantastic I really love that you can pin all the way through her instead of sideways. The only critique I can offer is for two things. The pole that holds her up isn't long enough. The dressform really needs to be able to lift higher from the floor for hemming dresses and for easier fittings. The second is the weight. I really wish she was heavier or her stand was. This might help her not move around so much.
    When I got my form she was a bit dirty and had some hand prints on her. Her body also got a little snagged and torn from having the pole roll around in the box. I'm going to completely cover her up so it won't matter in the end but someone else might not love it.
    Over all I love that she can be sized down. Its so hard to find an affordable dress form that is customizable and small enough to fit me.

  • 5

    Posted by Dorothy on 19th Jan 2012

    The dress form I ordered is for my daughter. She's getting married and is planning her own dress. While I have not seen the form myself my daughter is enjoying it very much. I was very much impressed with how quick it was delivered

  • 5

    Posted by Debra Lewis on 19th Jan 2012

    This has to be the best form on the market -- I love it. Getting the cover on the form is a bit of a challenge: I found out that putting the form on the floor and kneeling on it with all my body weight made the process work fairly easily. This form is worth the effort!

  • 5

    Posted by Roberta may on 19th Jan 2012

    I've wanted a dress form for years, and this one was very reasonably priced, and delivery was satisfyingly prompt. Modifying the cover was challenging, but overall I'm very satisfied with the results. I think Zelda will make sewing for myself a lot more fun.

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